Customized diamond-like coatings reduce frictional losses.

Tribological Coatings

One of the keys to reducing friction and protecting against wear is to coat components with diamond-like carbon (DLC) or hydrocarbon layers. With the help of in-built elements that modify networks into the plasma coating, we can create optimum lubricant wettability and prevent unwanted adhesion. Our process technology, with the aid of plasma diagnosis, is capable of controlling both the inherent and the topographical properties of amorphous hydrocarbon layers.


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DLC coatings for roller bearings and sliding bearings and for motor components

Coatings for plastics

Production and qualification of in-situ structured DLC layers

Development of thick DLC layers

Development of screen coatings for screen printing technology

Development of abrasion-tolerant DLC-BN multi-layers

Development of strong electrically insulating DLC layers



PACVD systems engineering


With specially developed and patented coating equipment, fast-growing DLC layers can be applied on components at high plasma density with efficient processes. The systems are adaptable to the geometry and size of the components; complex component shapes can be coated evenly all around. Due to the two-chamber principle (inert gas chamber and reactive gas chamber), the systems are low-maintenance...


Mesoscale film growth simulation


The development of surface structure in the deposition process and the influence of deposition conditions on structural development are examined using mesoscopic growth models. 

By simulating the interaction of deposition and transport of materials on the surface, the emergence of surface structures can be modeled on the computer and examined in a level of detail which is impossible experimentally... 


In-situ structured DLC layers


An advanced coating technology permits the setting of a specific topography during the deposition without prior structuring. This leads to substantial progress in friction and wear reduction and therefore to the reduction of lubricants and release agents. The reliability and service life of the drive and system components are significantly increased...


Multi-layer DLC-BN layers


DLC layers can be largely affected by doping and deposition parameters. The positive properties of individual layers can be combined through a combination of different layers in a multilayer coating structure. The wear resistance and temperature stability can be increased by introducing high wear-resistant (amorphous or hexagonal) boron nitride layers...


Publications regarding Tribological coatings

Contributions to newspapers, books and conferences as well as dissertations and project reports...