A holistic approach to simulating the laser powder bed fusion process for metals (PBF-LB/M)

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Are melt pools unstable? Do your manufactured components lack the required material properties? Do you wish to exchange your starting material or assess its impact on the process? These types of questions occur in numerous industries, from aerospace to automotive to bioimplants. Numerical Simulation can be used to answer these questions. Fraunhofer IWM offers a comprehensive portfolio of simulation methods for the investigation of the laser powder bed fusion process for this purpose. We can specifically address your questions using our simulations to help you better understand your query. The following series of videos explains our approach to answering these kinds of questions.

Fraunhofer IWM video series: LPBF process simulations for custom-tailored local component properties

Dr. Bastien Dietemann, Dr. Claas Bierwisch

Part 1: The Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process for Metals (PBF-LB/M)

Part 2: Influencing factors in PBF-LB/M 1


Part 3: Influencing factors in PBF-LB/M 2


Part 4: A holistic approach to PBF-LB/M simulations

Part 5: Powder-spreading simulations in PBF-LB/M

Part 6: Melt pool simulations in PBF-LB/M

Part 7: Simulating microstructure formation in PBF-LB/M

Part 8: Simulating mechanical properties in PBF-LB/M

Part 9: Conclusions and next steps



What data do I need to provide for the simulation?

Generally, the more data is available, the more accurate the simulation will be. Here, thermodynamic data such as melting and evaporation temperatures or heat capacities are of particular interest. If this information is available as a function of temperature, it can be taken into account in the simulation. Some parameters, such as the temperature-dependent surface tension, are difficult to measure. We have considerable experience in dealing with this problem, and should no data be available, we can offer to estimate these thermodynamic data by means of simulation.


Is it possible for me to run the simulations myself or do they have to be performed at Fraunhofer IWM?

We distribute our SimPARTIX® software commercially, also with highly individualized licensing. We would be happy to create a script for you, with which you can calculate the simulation chain with your own resources.


I am only interested in a certain part of the process. Can I also have only a single step of the chain simulated?

The simulation step uses the information from the previous simulations. For this reason, we have to assess to what extent we can replace this information with reasonable assumptions for each individual case. Omitting later simulation steps can be done without any problems.


How much does this service cost?

Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this question, as we estimate the effort for each project individually. It is best to contact us, and we will discuss the case and determine the specific requirements.


What information will I receive?

The information is based on the specific question. We generally provide a detailed analysis of the question and create a report in the form of a presentation including graphics and videos. If required, all generated meta-data will be shared as well.

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