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As a catalyst, innovator and problem-solver, the Fraunhofer IWM provides materials competence for research and development solutions as required by clients and project partners. To this end, the institute combines know-how and experience in all fields of materials technology and materials science. Within the scope of Materials Design, Manufacturing Processes, Tribology, Component Safety and Lightweight Construction and Assessment of Materials, Lifetime Concepts we offer clients and project partners individual solutions, unexpected insights and immediately actionable results for the development, production and application of functional materials, high-performance components and resource efficient manufacturing processes.

Fraunhofer IWM video portrait: Materials technology as a driver of innovation

Prof. Dr. Peter Gumbsch, head of the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM and Professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, along with his teams are conducting research under laboratory conditions under the motto "more economical, more efficient and safer". Prof. Gumbsch's research supports industrial concepts for autonomous vehicles, resource-saving construction and power plants and designs materials with completely new properties. Prof. Gumbsch's teams develop new measuring methods to understand in detail why a material fails.

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Mission and USP

Our research makes possible innovative and reliable products for our clients.


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