How to work with us

Research and development on behalf of clients is our primary focus at the Fraunhofer IWM.

We decipher and interpret the unique and often diffuse challenges and problems encountered by our project partners and via our expertise in all aspects of materials technology and materials science, address these within targeted and results oriented R&D projects.

Each project is substantively and organizationally tailored to the specific needs, limitations and framework of the client, meaning that we are in position to satisfy the requirements faced by SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) as well as the specifications of large corporations.


Forms of collaboration

We offer a wide spectrum of cooperation methods which we adapt to your individual requirements.

How working with the Fraunhofer IWM takes shape

During a cost-free, non-binding consultation, goals as well as time and budgetary constraints are established. Once contractual parameters are agreed upon, research and development begins.

R & D for small and medium-sized enterprises

Collaborative work with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is an important matter for Fraunhofer.