Forming Glass

© Fraunhofer IWM, Photo: Achim Käflein
Driving innovation by understanding and simulating processes. Person photographed: Matthias Gremmelspacher.

We develop solutions for the hot forming of components made of glass. Discrete components are depicted in a pressing process (blank presses). Structures with optical or haptic functions, for example, are introduced into larger components using a local embossing process (hot stamping). 

Both processes are characterized by short process cycles, high surface quality and high contour accuracy. Consequently, optical components meeting the highest requirements can be realized.

Services | Expertise

© Fraunhofer IWM
Pattern created in the embossing process.
  • Development of pressing and embossing processes for hot forming of glass components
  • Layer engineering for tools for hot forming of glass
  • Process simulation for pressing and embossing technologies

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Application examples

  • Lenses for endoscopes
  • Refractive and diffractive optics for laser beam shaping
  • Haptic structures for user guidance on touch screens

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Facilities | Measurement capabilities

  • Blank press systems
  • Hot stamping machine/press
  • Testing facility for tool contact with hot glass
  • Characterization of optical properties by means of
    • Microscopy
    • Interferometer
    • Wavefront measuring station
    • Optical bench

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