Business Units

So as to take advantage of the vast technological experience of the specialists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM, research and development activities are organized into business units where similar project topics are grouped together in each unit. Additionally, from our pool of experts we compile the team with right mix of competencies you need to ensure the success of your endeavor. 

This cross-flow of advanced, multiscale materials modeling, simulation, component and systems assessment as well as manufacturing process know-how proves invaluable as a product moves from conception to completion along its life cycle.

For in-depth information on how our expertise can specifically benefit you in your process, material and device development – as well as in the functional operation of your components - please visit the Fraunhofer IWM Business Unit page that best fits your endeavor.

Not sure where to begin? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you find the right place to start.


Manufacturing Processes

Innovative manufacturing processes for precision contours and functional components with defined property profiles. Focus areas are powder and fluid systems, forming processes, machining processes and glass forming.



Solutions for reducing friction and for abrasion protection for bearings, seals and drive systems. Focus areas are micro tribology, tribological simulations, technical ceramics, lubricants, tribological coatings.


Component Safety and Lightweight Construction

Qualification of materials and components for mobility, energy, machinery and engineering. Focus areas are safety and lifetime analysis, crash simulation, joints, composite materials.


Assessment of Materials and Lifetime Concepts

Reliable systems for energy conversion and energy storage, material qualification for power plant technology. Focus areas are microstructure modeling, lifetime prediction, material models, hydrogen embrittlement, damage analysis.