Materials Informatics

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Materials informatics involves the research, development and application of information regarding material properties, physical data, theoretical and empirical models and the software tools, which query and evaluate these databases.



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Semantic representation, networking and curation of quality-assured material data

Project duration: 08.2019 - 07.2022

Materials science faces major challenges: linking qualitative research data that is already available in large quantities with new data while at the same time ensuring the reproducibility of the data. In addition, the evaluation, maintenance, storage and above all the utilization of decentrally stored data in connection with advancing digitization as well as the resulting handling of new knowledge represent unprecedented challenges for materials scientists.


Within the framework of STREAM, the Fraunhofer IWM contributes to:

  • Establishing a common understanding regarding the structuring of materials data;
  • Creating a portfolio of representative data sets, defining competency questions for ontology development;
  • Iterative, community-driven ontology modeling and validation;
  • Ontology based representation of experimental and simulation data.

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