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Publications: Microstructure and Residual Stresses




Jimenez-Pena, C.; Goulas, C.; Preußner, J.; Debruyne, D., Failure mechanisms of mechanically and thermally produced holes in high-strength low-alloy steel plates subjected to fatigue loading, Metals 10/3 (2020) 318, 21 Seiten Link

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Beckmann, C.; Kennerknecht, T.; Preußner, J.; Farajian, M.; Luke, M.; Hohe, J., Micromechanical investigation and numerical simulation of fatigue crack formation in welded joints, Engineering Fracture Mechanics 198 (2018) 142-157 Link

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Krupp, U.; Söker., M.; Giertler, A.; Dönges, B.; Christ, H.-J.; Wackermann, K.; Boll, T.; Thuvander M.; Marinelli, M.C.; The potential of spinodal ferrite decomposition for increasing the very high cycle fatigue strength of duplex stainless steel; International Journal of Fatigue 39/Part 2 (2016) 363–371 Link

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Casajús, P.; Winzer, N.; Electrochemical noise analysis of the corrosion of high-purity Mg-Al alloys; Corrosion Science 94 (2015) 316-326 Link

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