Product life cycle solutions

We offer research and development services for the entire lifecycle of the product – from the materials design through manufacture to the useful life of the component. Our aim here is to create solutions that enable optimized use of material properties and to enable innovative, dependable technical components and manufacturing processes to be developed for our clients for new materials functions.

  • Do you require a functional material with a defined property profile? We can design materials for multifunctional tasks.
  • Do you wish to adapt your manufacturing processes for components with contour precision made of complex materials or to increase your production yield? We optimize process chains for the specific requirements of the material to be worked and develop resource-efficient manufacturing stages.
  • Are you looking for a solution to minimize friction and wear? We examine friction and wear mechanisms by means of experiment and simulation and derive methods of reducing frictional effects.        
  • Do you wish to introduce a material into a particular new application or to develop a new application? We qualify and evaluate materials and components for mobility, energy and machine and system construction.
  • Do you wish to guarantee or increase the performance limits or working life of your component? We develop concepts for predicting the working life and for improving reliability.
  • Have you had a case of loss or have unwanted component behavior and wish to resolve these issues and prevent them from happening in the long term? We perform failure and microstructure analyses and develop methods of securing the operation of materials and components.



Services offered, by department

Our business units (departments) are oriented upon materials-related research and development topics and the impacts upon a product's life cycle.

Damage analysis

We support you by clarifying the causes of damage as well as by introducing and implementing practical measures for avoiding damage.












Commonly, quality problems that arise during production or as a result of excessive loading in operation lead to a reduction in overall product quality, loss of output, component failure and unpleasant ...











Integrated computational materials engineering ICME

Tracking and testing changes in material properties during processing and in use.

Digitalization within materials technology

The focus of the Fraunhofer IWM’s work revolves around material information and material data. Via the digitalization of materials, we achieve important contributions regarding the inclusion of processing materials into digitally consistent and connected value chains.


Hydrogen plays a prominent role in all future scenarios of the energy industry. As a connecting element between the different areas of energy supply, hydrogen contributes to the sustainable conversion, storage and use of energy.