Fraunhofer IWM networks

The Fraunhofer IWM utilizes the newest findings and knowledge regarding material science and materials technology in order to expand the performance limitations of materials and components as well as to improve manufacturing processes. To meet this objective, the Fraunhofer IWM conducts application-oriented research within several networks. These international and national networks are part of the institute’s overall strategy and take the forms of cooperations, partnerships and scientific exchanges.

The core of these networks is comprised of the Fraunhofer IWM’s immediate clients and project partners (industrial enterprises, public institutions, associations, foundations, etc.). These provide the institute with the issues, challenges, tasks and themes which helps our business unit departments grow and develop. Alliances and associations within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft are the instrument of choice to expand upon the market-oriented demands and requirements of the institute’s competence portfolio. It should be noted that the Fraunhofer IWM is the founding member of the Fraunhofer Materials and Components Group.

Alongside the direct university involvement of Fraunhofer IWM scientists lie close links with a wide range of higher education institutions and research institutes in Germany and throughout Europe as well as in the USA and Asia. These connections are mutually beneficial regarding projects, common research initiatives, working groups and the transfer of scientific personnel, for example the participation of guest scientists.
Fraunhofer IWM researchers represent the institute in every notable professional association that has a connection to the mechanics of materials. These cooperations with relevant working groups and committees helps position the Fraunhofer in appropriate scientific communities, delivers benchmarks for its own work and is a platform on which to highlights its own themes. Last but not least, the networks result in many new projects.

Networks within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

Cross-institutional networks, alliances and projects.

University affiliations

An important element of scientific development at Fraunhofer IWM Freiburg is the institute’s links to the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and to the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg... 

EU projects

The Fraunhofer IWM has long-standing experience actively participating as valuable partners in various types of EU projects. Therefore, international cooperations represent an essential part of our research activities.
The following list shows current and completed EU projects which include the participation of Fraunhofer IWM.