Core competencies and technical possibilities

Core competencies are the scientific and technical foundation of the Fraunhofer IWM. They are the "tools of the trade" that enable our business units to take an interdepartmental approach when dealing with issues related to the mechanics of materials.


Material and component characterization

Identifying the internal structures of materials

Material modeling and simulation

Avoiding trial and error loops in the develpoment stage 

Tribology and surface design

Identifying stress and loads which affect the surfaces of components; modifying these surfaces for optimal functionality and performance.

Fraunhofer IWM competence in solving materials technology issues

Combination of experiments and simulation

We are experts with much experience in the experimental identification, numerical modeling and computer simulation of material behavior under various loads. With this as a basis, we assess materials, components and systems extensively and develop measures that guarantee their functionality, reliability and optimize their ability to carry out their intended purpose.


Computer simulations along every stage of the process chain

We simulate material, component and system behavior in processes. This allows us to trace the development of material properties across multiple manufacturing stages so as to define the best possible component properties and the most economically efficient manufacturing processes. The experts at the Fraunhofer IWM have a firm basis in creating virtual replicas of every aspect of the process chain, which is critical to ensure a successful endeavor.


Multiscale modeling

We develop multiscale models in order to determine material properties on the basis of internal structures. We can then virtually affect the structural development during production and create new virtual material functions and functional mechanisms. To replicate the virtual experimentation in a non-virtual manner (i.e., in the “real world”) would require a lengthy trial and error process that would be time consuming and cost inefficient.


Integral view

We take an integral view of material, component and system development, manufacturing and operation, and identify the relevant parameters so as to analyze their behavior and seek opportunity for new component functions. This lays the foundation for the development of innovative manufacturing techniques, processes, testing concepts and products.

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Optimized use of material properties – New material and component functions

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