Scientific Excellence

Outstanding research forms the basis for innovative solutions. The Fraunhofer IWM transfers know-how to mechanisms in materials, components and processes within project-specific R&D services for industrial and public sector clients. This knowledge is based on the exceptional scientific work undertaken by its employees. Thus, the Fraunhofer IWM is not only an attractive problem-solver for practical questions, but also an excellent research and development partner for technologies of the future. SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises), research institutes and project partners from the public sector all reap the benefits of the scientific knowledge housed at the Fraunhofer IWM.



Scientific publications

Fraunhofer IWM research regarding the latest material science developments presented  in renowned national and international scientific journals.

Fraunhofer IWM networks

These international and national networks are part of the institute’s overall strategy and take the forms of cooperations, partnerships, scientific exchanges and the active participation in research programs.

Good scientific practice

Scientific integrity and the observance of principles of good scientific practice are essential prerequisites for scientific work. For the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft as an organization of applied research...