Employment opportunities - apply now

All of the current vacancies are advertised on our job portal, which you can also use to apply directly for any position that might be of interest and for which you believe you are qualified for. Simply click on the corresponding "Apply (Bewerben)" button at the end of the job description, fill out the online formula that appears and upload your resume and application documents.

Should your ideal position not be posted: Unsolicited application


The first stop on your job search is the Fraunhofer IWM job portal. Should your ideal position not be posted, send us your application materials anyway and a description of what you can offer.
An unsolicited application can give you the chance to make your mark on new materials technology topics, to shape progress and complement our range of competencies. When you apply for an undergraduate project or doctoral position, we expect you to have a strong background in materials science. Good references are equally important. Feel free to introduce yourself, in writing, and convince us that we can count on you.

We’re looking for dedicated people:
Take the initiative, send your application including all important documents and apply!

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Tips for your application


Increase your chances for a job interview with an informative application.

Cover letter

Strike a balance between your previous experience and requirements expressed in the job description. Win us over with your qualifications and the reasons you are motivated to work at our institute. With your cover letter (if applicable, please indicate the corresponding position and reference code) highlight the releavnt aspects of your CV and substantiate the motivation behind your application.

A comprehensive CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Please design a clear structure that is reader-friendly.


For student positions please send your graduation diploma, an overview of your grades, an intermediate diploma and internship certificates.

For all other positions please send your references, certifications and certificates, paying specific attention to include all supporting documents with relevance to the desired position.

Online applications

Provide your digital documentation in a common format (preferably PDF) name each document appropriately. Our job advertisements provide the opportunity to directly apply online for each position. In only a few minutes you will be able to create a profile which includes your relevant documentation.

Please understand that only comprehensive applications will be forwarded to the relative departments. Naturally, your personal documents will only be internally saved and will be treated strictly confidentially in accordance with our data protection regulations.

We are no longer able to accept applications sent by mail.

Vacancies for Freiburg


Click on interesting positions and use the "Apply" link within the job listing itself. Please provide your full name and address information and upload your cover letter, CV and any other relevant documents.

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The selection process


Once you have applied online, you will be automatically notified that your documents have been received. Your application will be reviewed and if applicable forwarded to the relevant department. You will hear from us (at the latest) four to six weeks after we have received your application.  

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