Substitutes for critical materials

Manufacturing functional materials at labratory scale

Characterizing materials at the microstructural level

Materials Design

We explain material behavior and predict material properties using computational and experimental methods based on solid-state physics and materials mechanics. Our ambition is to design structures, properties, and functions. We identify the effects of crystalline defects and microstructures on the macroscopic behavior of materials. This enables us to make effective and efficient use of material and energy ressources in order to achieve long-term improvements to technical systems.


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Materials design business unit services


Materials design business unit services

Multi-scale, experimental and computational design of materials for multifunctional tasks

Materials modeling using methods based on quantum mechanics (from first principles, density function theory) on classical atomistic mechanics (molecular dynamics), and on multi-scale materials modeling (MMM)

Identification of material properties, development of material models, predication of physical, chemical and mechanical properties, material substitution, material screening

Development and production of functional thin-film and multi-layer systems, nanometer- and micrometer-scale material structures

Determination of meso- and micromechanical local properties and lifetime assessment

Combinational high-throughput screening, experimental and computational, to identify novel material systems with specific structures and compositions for desired properties and functions

Design and manufacture of artificial meso and meta materials with novel properties

Functional Coating Materials


We develop materials and coating processes for the functionalization of surfaces of molds, forming tools, medical and micromechanical as well as optical components and adapt the processes to...

Meso- and Micromechanics


Applying self-developed test set-ups and experimental mechanics, we are capable of determining the material properties of samples with at least one dimension in the microscale. The testing of micro-parts is ... 

Materials Modeling


We investigate material behaviors and predict material properties using theoretical and computational methods based on solid-state physics and materials mechanics. Our ambition is to design material structures...