Improvement of the surface layer strength via shot peening

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Shot peening is a widely used surface treatment to improve the static and cyclic strength of metal components based on the mechanical strengthening of surface layers and the incorporation of more advantageous compressive residual stresses. In close cooperation with industrial partners, we determine the optimum shot peening parameters in feasibility studies and measure depth-dependent residual stress profiles in our stress measuring laboratories. We also determine the hardness, fracture toughness and static as well as cyclic load bearing capacity of the surface layer. We analyze surface properties such as coverage ratio, roughness and micro-cracking with further technical measurement methods. Fundamental investigations regarding the forming of components by means of shot peening and shot blasting are also integral elements of our area of ​​expertise.

What we offer

  • Implementation of feasibility studies
  • Determination of optimal shot peening parameters
  • Measurement of residual stresses
  • Determination of surface layer properties including hardness, dislocation densities, fracture toughness
  • Determination of applied strength characteristics including static and cyclical load bearing capacity
  • Low volume production treatments
  • Experiments concerning shot peen forming

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© Fraunhofer IWM
Residual stress in ceramic and hard metal after shot blasting
© Fraunhofer IWM
Inhibited crack formation in ceramic and hard chrome after shot peening
© Fraunhofer IWM
Left: Compensation of defects in ceramic bearing rollers through shot blasting Right: Increasing the service life of carbide drills through shot peening


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