Business Decision Support System (BDSS) Online Workshop

17.-18. February 2021

Business Decision Support System (BDSS) in Formulations and Computational Engineering#

One of the effects of COVID, by limiting access to experimental data measured physically, has been to dramatically emphasise the value of being able to design products and select new ingredients in-silico. So minimising the number of physical experiments that need to be performed in the lab. The FORCE consortium is a pan-European project of 10 expert partners with the objective to develop an integrated Business Decision Support System (BDSS) based on open standards for industries engaged in formulating chemical ingredients.

This workshop will present the scientific achievements of the project along with the tools that have been developed so that scientists who are not expert modellers can utilise these new capabilities in a simple to use environment. This will be demonstrated for three use-cases which are specific for the industrial partners in the project.



  17th of February 2021   18th of February 2021
CET Session Title and Speaker CET Session Title and Speaker
10:30 Materials Modelling under Horizon Europe
Javier Sanfélix, European Commission
10:30 Overview of technical challenge for thermal insulation for DOW 
Jerome Claracq, Tom Verbrugge, DOW
10:45 Force: an overview of the EU funded project on Formulations and computational engineering
Torsten Kraft, Fraunhofer IWM
10:45 Fundamentals of foam moulding of refrigerator cabinets
Jerome Claracq, Terpsichori (Chara) Alexiou, DOW, University of Patras
11:15 Multi criteria optimisation within the BDSS
Peter Klein, Fraunhofer ITWM
11:15 Demonstration of DOW's use case
Matthias Büschelberger, Fraunhofer IWM
11:45 Data management within FORCE
Davide Di Stefano, ANSYS 
12:00 Introduction to SimPhoNy (ontology-based framework for interoperability between 3rd-party software tools
Matthias Büschelberger, Fraunhofer IWM
13:15 Overview of technical challenge for modelling polyurethane resins’ polymerisation reactions for Megara Resins
Poppy Krassa, MEGARA
12:15 BDSS Workflow Manager demo
Frank Longford, Enthought
13:30 Knowledge based inference modelling
n.n., IBM
12:30 LUNCH BREAK 14:00 Demonstration of Megara's use case
Giovanni Borzi, Michele Dolfi, Enginsoft, IBM 
13:30 Overview of Unilever's example for surfactant selection
Ian Stott, Unilever
14:30 Data management beyond FORCE
Davide Di Stefano, ANSYS
13:45 Performing multiscale simulations of morphology and rheology of surfactant micelles
Vlasis Mavrantzas, Stavros Peroukidis, Terpsichori (Chara) Alexiou, University of Patras
14:45 Extending the BDSS to new use cases
Frank Longford, Enthought
14:45 Demonstration of Unilever's use case using the workflow manager
Frank Longford, Enthought
15:45 End of day 2
15:15 End of day 1    


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