International Conference on Programmable Materials, Berlin, April 27-29, 2020

Fostering the paradigm shift in materials research

27. April 2020

The conference is aimed at scientists and engineers who want to advance programmable materials with multidisciplinary contributions, who want to work on powerful tools for their realization, and who want to contribute to the paradigm shift in materials development.

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Global challenges such as sustainable development, climate change, renewable energy, or individual mobility increase the necessity for a much more efficient and sustainable use of our resources. Programmable materials have the potential to initiate a paradigm shift since they can perform system functions through their internal design. This allows for increased functional integration while simultaneously reducing system complexity. Programmable materials are materials whose inner structure is designed and manufactured in such a way that properties and behavior can be controlled and reversibly changed. Furthermore, locally varying functions can be programmed into such materials.

The first international and interdisciplinary conference on programmable materials aims to facilitate the paradigm shift for materials science described above. It creates the interdisciplinary scientific platform to accelerate the development, production and application of programmable materials. To this end, the conference brings together scientists critical to the success of programmable materials from the disciplines of materials science, mechanics, optimization, process technology and product development and ensures their productive interaction via suitable formats, which is analogous to the integral approach inherent in programmable materials.

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