Avoiding trial and error loops in the development stage

Material modeling and simulation

Using advanced computer simulations to reproduce load scenarios and processes for existing or developmental materials and components.

Computer simulations and related simulation software are essential in order to avoid a lengthy (and costly) process of trial-and-error during advanced material and component development as well as in order to depict complex load scenarios. Such simulations are also crucial for predicting the operational behavior of materials and components. The in-house expertise at the Fraunhofer IWM provides the capability to model materials at different levels of scale (multiscale modeling) and to measure model-specific properties (Design of Experiments). We can also describe the deformation, damage, failure and functional behavior of materials.  Our virtual testing laboratory enables us to predict the level of a component’s safety, the various stress points at which a component may fail and service life. Process simulation enables us to improve manufacturing parameters and tools for optimum component properties. The virtual microscope makes it possible to assess and define the functions of new materials.


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