Identifying the internal structure of materials

Material and component characterization

Characterizing materials and components to investigate their reactions to mechanical, thermo-mechanical, dynamical, corrosive, tribological, structural, chemomechanical and electro-mechanical loads; identifying deformation and other failure mechanisms.

The key to accurately assessing and improving material reliability, component reliability and ultimately system reliability and service life is to understand the innermost structures of the material(s) in question. We have the skills and have ourselves developed many of the latest methods to investigate how materials and components react to to mechanical, thermo-mechanical, dynamical, corrosive,  tribological, structural, chemomechanical and electro-mechanical loads and to identify failure mechanisms for reasons such as crack formation, wear, abrasion, fatigue or any other criteria important to the client. The experts at the Fraunhofer IWM will isolate and identify the necessary material parameters and assess them in correlation to their microstructure and to the structural processes at all levels of magnitude. Component reliability testing includes localized variations in material properties. We describe material structures and model material behavior from the macroscopic level, through the microstructural level right down to the atomic level. When assessing components, we account for failure characteristics and environmental influences.


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